Knowledge Is Never Wasted 2

Knowledge Is Never Wasted

At some point, everyone has been seated in a course and thought Why do I have to know that? I am never heading to use that truth. It’s too late to drop the class, so you spend all of those other semester in a class that is so boring, your brain goes numb. Just to stay active, your mind begins to create situations of when you will need that information. In the middle of a business meeting, your phone rings. Your mind races through all its files Quickly, finds the formula and will save Farmer Brown from placing too much grain in his silo.

You are honored at another city council conference. On a camping trip a frog is available by you bigger than the 10 lb. You catch him, place him in the car, and check out the nearest school for verification comfortably. On the way, the frog dies. You try CPR and receive a slight pulse. You see, he could be having difficulty inhaling and exhaling Then. Making use of your skills learned to dissect a frog, you make a small slit underneath his throat and remove the obstruction.

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Then you check out the university or college for confirmation of weight and receive the accolades you are worthy of. At a convention, the speaker is challenged by a disrespectful person in the audience. The speaker writes his theory on the board and proceeds to describe it. He is challenged by another obnoxious attendee.

You step up to help the speaker. You begin to diagram the word he has on the board and successfully defend the validity of his hypothesis. True, these are outrages thoughts. So can be some of the things we are pressured to learn in education. But did the training waste materials any brain cells actually?

Did you really lose anything by learning these skills? Learning in and of itself is not wasted. Every day you learn something that is not relevant to your daily life. Go through the magazines displayed at the checkout line in virtually any supermarket. Become familiar with who is sleeping with who, what athlete makes the most money, and why the elected chief executive made a particular declaration.

These facts don’t affect my life any more than learning the regular table. The mind is constantly learning, because that’s what it’s programmed to do. We can and do choose what it learns. The more we improve our problem-solving skills, the smaller our problems see. Problem-solving becomes a very important part of our makeup as we develop into maturity or move up the corporate ladder. There was a right time when every pupil had taken the same courses through the first two years of college. They were called the basics and included English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

It didn’t matter if you were going to be always a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or musician. The first 2 yrs consisted of the fundamentals. That changed several years ago. All of the ‘fundamentals’ started to use vocabulary and skills closer to the major. This is brought to my attention when our youngest boy entered university.

Every class he required was related to his major and through the Computer Science Department. He took Business English, Computer Math, and Computer Science. Research today exposed a great number of degree plans require something other than the ‘basics. ‘ of English 101 Instead, you may be required to take Technical Writing, Business English, or something else related to your major.

The same is true for math and technology. Course requirement is only one change to higher education. Today’s programs require much longer than the original four years to complete. If the major requires an internship, it will require at least one extra semester to complete. How many semesters were necessary for your degree? It is not unusual for a learning student to be well into their course requirements and opt to change majors.