Maximizing Small Bathroom Designs: Tips and Tricks 2

Maximizing Small Bathroom Designs: Tips and Tricks

The Challenge

When it comes to home designing, bathroom spaces almost always tend to be on the smaller side. It can be really stressful to make such a small space look good and, most importantly, functional. The market and social media are constantly evolving, making bathroom renovation ideas more creative every day. When small bathroom designs are done right, they can give the feeling of a grandeur space, which is both cozy and elegant.

1- Bring in Light Colors

By using a light color palette on the walls and floor, you can give the illusion of space as it reflects more light compared to darker shades. Therefore, it is essential to use light colors such as cream, white, light grey, or even pastels to give your bathroom a more spacious feel. Looking to delve further Dive into this impartial analysis the topic? nyc apartment renovation, external content we’ve prepared for you.

2- Invest in Wall-Mounted Vanities

Wall-mounted vanities not only look modern, but they also create a sense of openness in a small bathroom. The cabinet frees up space by being attached to the wall, and will make the bathroom general area appear bigger as you aren’t obstructing the floor with a giant block. Additionally, a vanity with drawers or shelves is ideal for making the most of storage space.

3- Glass Shower Doors

Shower curtains seem to take up more space compared to glass shower doors which creates an illusion of more space and openness. Having glass shower doors can also make your bathroom look more attractive because of their pristine, transparent and reflective qualities.

Maximizing Small Bathroom Designs: Tips and Tricks 3

4- Take Advantage of Mirrors

Mirrors, being one of the great interior design tools, makes everything bigger, brighter, and better. Adding mirrors in your small bathroom design alongside good lighting can amplify the visuals of the bathroom’s size. Additionally, to get the maximum benefit of mirrors, don’t be afraid to use it in odd shapes and sizes!

5- Use Smaller Appliances

You do not need an industrial-sized toilet, sink, or bathtub in your small bathroom. Your appliances should fit the environment. There are compact-sized bathroom fixtures perfect for small bathroom designs. These can include small-sized bath and sink combos, small water closets, and low-profile and space-saving furniture. Compact sizes bring style and fashion, which can save you a lot of space.


Redesigning a small bathroom can seem like a daunting challenge, but making smart choices in your design can make it easier to maximize your space and give it a more inviting feel. The more light you let in, the more open it will feel. You do not need large bathroom fixtures to fill the area. Invest in scaled-down fixtures that will still serve the same function while fitting perfectly Dive into this impartial analysis the space. Want to expand your knowledge on the topic? Access this carefully selected external resource and discover additional information. kitchen remodeling companies new york city.