Divorce Law and how it affects you 2

Divorce Law and how it affects you

The law of divorce allows spouses to decide whether to split assets and property following a divorce. Assets not belonging to the marital couple will be treated as separate property. This includes inheritances, gifts, or income from such assets. Property that is separate may be listed in a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement or sold to reach an equitable distribution. When you have any queries relating to wherever and how to make use of Divorce lawyers Sydney, it is possible to call us from the web site.

Living apart for at least a year

Virginia law allows for a couple to live apart for at most one year before they can get divorced. If the separation lasts less than one year, it must be at minimum one year. The court must have sufficient evidence that either one or both of the parties intend to end their marriage before it can be granted in either case.

Rehabilitative alimony

The purpose of rehabilitative or financial alimony under divorce law is to support the lower-earning spouse in the event of a divorce. These payments are meant to allow the recipient to find a job and become self-sufficient. In determining the amount for rehabilitative Alimony, the court considers many other factors.

Property division

If you’re divorcing your spouse, you’ll have to decide how to divide your property. There are two options: the equitable distribution model or the community property model. Equitable distribution states consider all circumstances to determine a fair division of assets. Community property states split assets down the middle.

COBRA health insurance

If a couple decides to divorce, the main issue is whether their COBRA health insurance coverage will be maintained. COBRA can help ease the burden of the spouse getting divorcing. The spouse who has been married for more than one year may be able, in certain circumstances, to have an individual plan through their new employer if the former spouse had health insurance.


Annulment in divorce law is a legal process in which a couple can decide to end the marriage and seek a new start. However, annulments are only available in certain circumstances. These conditions can vary from one state to the next, so not every couple will be eligible for an annulment. For the best understanding of your rights, see page it’s important to speak to a divorce lawyer.

Divorce Law and how it affects you 3

No-fault divorce

No-fault divorce law changes the focus of divorce proceedings. Before this change, a couple needed a specific ground for divorce, see page such as adultery, cruelty or inhuman treatment, abandonment, or living apart for a year. However, these grounds could be challenged by the other spouse. A divorce without fault can save the couple time and money. In case you have any sort of inquiries relating to where and ways to make use of Family lawyers Sydney, you could contact us at our webpage.