Alliance Healthcare Group Limited 2

Alliance Healthcare Group Limited

This will be a quick statement as I am traveling for work this week. I am not heading to invest enough time given the small public offering too. 0.20 each because of its IPO on Catalist – for which 31m shares will be through the positioning tranche and the total amount 1m through the public offer. The Company owns 17 GP clinics across Singapore under the “MY CHILDREN Clinic (16)” brand and “Lee Clinic (1)” name and 5 specialist treatment centers. 3.1m. Using 3M2019 figures, it seems that the 2019 profits and income will be down. In addition, it is quite “counter-intuitive” to see Specialist Care having the lowest profit margin versus GP clinic services. Probably it means that the docs are paid more as Specialist and wouldn’t share their profits with the group vis-a-vis the more generalists.

And somehow I question that even Mr Fred is all that worried at his demotion. So he was a knight, and today he is a commoner. But he is a very rich commoner indeed and – unlike the rest of us – won’t have to cover the results of his behavior.

Meanwhile the banks continue on their merry way. They continue to pay themselves the type of bonuses that would keep whole cities afloat. They continue to amass prosperity off the relative back again of our labor. And who, from Mr Goodwin aside, has been punished for what was ever, at least large-scale dishonesty in the financial services industry? What all this amounts to is fraud by any other name.

They got away with it due to a culture of extreme liberalism in the financial sector. This is exactly what is commonly referred to as the free market. What this means is that governments are content to look the other way, to permit self-regulation, to not question where the money is via.

Actually one man was punished. This is Bernie Madoff, who, on June 29, 2009, was sentenced to 150 years in prison for his part in the company of a huge Ponzi structure known as Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. A Ponzi plan is a particular type of financial fraud where returns to traders are created by paying them off either using their own money, or by the continuous recruitment of new investors.

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A typical Ponzi plan survives by the pretense that it’s perpetrator has access to some top secret knowledge that ordinary people aren’t privy to. Armies of realtors are delivered to recruit new investors who are lured into the scheme by guarantees of huge results. A kind of financial gobbledegook is utilized Often.

Long-winded phrases which means that next to nothing at all are deployed to cover up the emptiness in the center of the plan, whose whole purpose is to pull money into the center. It’s some sort of pyramid scheme. One degree of suckers are accustomed to pay off another. More and more people have to be dragged involved with it for it to survive. Doesn’t this remind you of something? The whole of the financial industry is, in place, a form of evolved, complicated, interdependent Ponzi scheme.

It doesn’t make prosperity. It extracts wealth. It doesn’t create anything, it lives from the backs of these who do merely. It has to grow constantly for it to survive. It lives off promises and deceit and sleight of hand and trickery. It has to sucker more and more people into its mind-set, in to the vain delusion that we can all get rich by doing nothing. But, in the final end, exactly like any Ponzi scheme, there’s a limit to how far it can develop before the entire thing collapses in on itself.