Failure Of Fixation Of Tibial Plateau Fractures 2

Failure Of Fixation Of Tibial Plateau Fractures

Objective To define the failure of fixation in tibial plateau fractures, identify its occurrence and determine the contributing factors. Patients and Setting Forty-two consecutive patients treated surgically at our trauma unit for tibial plateau fractures were researched retrospectively, for loss of fixation specifically. Factors that may affect the fracture fixation were reviewed, including age, mechanism of injury, type of fracture, bone quality, severity of fragmentation, severity of displacement, time for you to surgery, operating time, fixation method, the use of bone graft, postoperative bracing, and mobilization. Main Outcome Measures The main final result measure was failure of fixation, by using requirements defined by the result of a mail survey of experts and literature review.

Results Utilizing a strict definition of radiologic failure of fixation, we reported an overall 31 percent rate of failing of fixation: 79 percent in patients more than sixty years compared with 7 percent in more youthful patients. The statistically significant organizations with lack of reduction were age group more than sixty years, premature weight bearing, preoperative displacement, fracture fragmentation, and severe osteoporosis.

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Conclusion It really is logical to establish failure of fixation using the same steps considered as signs for decrease and fixation. Using these strict criteria, the occurrence of radiologic failing was much higher than previous published series. In older people this is high unacceptably, and treatment goals should be limited to restoring positioning and balance.

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