My Passion For Fashion 2

My Passion For Fashion

The waves come moving in with the tide. Can you believe that it is minus 20 outside? That’s Celcius, for you Americans, I don’t really know what the conversion is. THEREFORE I was reminiscing about the Christmas holidays. I’ve never acquired a rest that taught me so much about love and life.

It is essential that you surround yourself with positive individuals who will bring pleasure and happiness to your life and not drain you of energy. During the holidays it is also important to take time to reflect on what you have to be thankful for and everyone that has formed your life and made you who you are.

Just wanted to discuss a few photos and they’re mostly gifts from the individuals in my life. I wanted to give thanks to everyone for making my vacation a great one, at home and out West where I visited. My next post will be about forthcoming fashion trends. What’s sticking around, what’s leaving, and what I am lusting over for when the warmer weather arrives. To bring you back to the holidays here are some photos and as promised my new LV! My Louis Vuitton bag.

LOVE IT, though it is actually bigger than I am even. I everywhere take it. My babe explained I couldn’t touch it, so I had to clearly. Q: Why is the hockey hall of fame in Toronto? A: That’s the only way the Stanley Cup will ever be in Toronto! Me and the Obamas at the Wax Museum in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Sporting my LV, of course. Jess & I Toronto downtown. Wearing my leather wedge boots from Aldo I acquired on sale in Alberta. Facing the cold in bare hip and legs like a true Canadian. Inside the golf club. Blurry Blackberry pic. At another nightclub in Toronto. Wearing a skirt from Urban Behavior, socks from Club Monaco, and a arbitrary tanktop.

My dresser with some new Christmas goodies. I put fake nails for 14 days of my life (most severe idea ever) and it’s been months and my nails are still broken. I acquired some awesome toenail trauma treatment, I’ll post the details in a beauty blog coming soon. Gorgeous new goodies for Christmas! They are all presents except the bracelet I picked up on sale in Banff.

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My mother bought a sleigh and put it inside our front yard. I don’t know what she plans on doing with this thing for the rest of the season. My mum and my family on a horse-drawn sleigh on Christmas eve! It requires us on a ride around our neighborhood and has become a yearly tradition for us.

Like Colourpop, Kylie Makeup products will not acknowledge returns or exchanges, and all sales are last. Colourpop promises that they do this to keep their prices low, so I can’t see the reasoning for this with Kylie Makeup products. Blue Honey, in reality, is not that unique of a palette. And like I said near the top of this post, at this true point, I think it would be difficult for a brand name to be able to turn out with a unique palette.

Since Blue Honey only has 9 shades, it makes it easy to dissect it and see how many basic fairly, non-unique shades there are. And for me, there is one unique shade pretty, and that is Blue Honey, the matte blue-green. And if that is the shade that is drawing you to this palette, I’d highly recommend looking at singles instead.