What Is WITHIN YOUR Makeup? 2

What Is WITHIN YOUR Makeup?

What Is in Your Makeup? This guest post was written by Kayla Mackie of the Consumer Safety Organization. She contacted me about performing a piece on the protection of our makeup products. It’s almost been 80 years since the FDA’s regulatory authority for makeup products has been up to date. How alarming is that?

Every day, millions of women across the world go about their daily beauty regimen being unsure of that the merchandise they’re using could potentially harm them. Today can eliminate lines and wrinkles Beauty products, sculpt cheekbones, and enhance your eyelashes. But many of these powders, moisturizers, shampoos, and shaving lotions are filled with toxins that our physiques ought never to be absorbing.

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Considering our skin is our largest organ, it’s really important that we know very well what we are putting on it. For instance, some eye shadows, brokers, blush, lip balms and body powders contain talc, which is linked to a higher risk of ovarian cancers. While this connection has been known for many years, it wasn’t until this past year that juries began recognizing the problems. Don’t panic yet – not absolutely all cosmetics are harmful just! There are alternatives to those that are.

Beauty Counter is a great company for safer alternatives. Another way to ensure you are using clean beauty products would be to create your own DIY products. To limit the chance that some beauty products pose, know what to look for. Elements in cosmetics aren’t on the product packaging usually, so using the makeup protection guide above will be a fast and simple way to inform if the merchandise you use contain any toxins and bacteria.

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