Cat-like Big Man Vea Tops DT Class 2

Cat-like Big Man Vea Tops DT Class

At 270 pounds in senior high school, Vea was an impressive defensive lineman, documenting 89 tackles as a older at Milpitas SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in California. Vea is mostly of the protective linemen capable of splitting and stacking double-teams using one snap, followed by his ability to run after down ballcarriers near the sideline on another snap.

He is made just like a refrigerator with the upper body capacity to grapple and get rid of physiques in his way. However, his game lacks Polish with the technique and effort running hot-and-cold throughout the span of a game. Players the size of Tea aren’t said to be in a position to move like he does.

And players that move like Vea aren’t said to be as strong as he could be. Basically, Vea is uncommon. There aren’t many humans on the planet along with his size/athleticism/strength profile. However, those natural qualities don’t always identical football production and that is the question with Vea: as talented as he could be, can those traits to be used by him in unison to be a constant disruption in the NFL? If a team believes the answer is `yes’ then Vea is a lock top-half of round one draft pick.

As a freshman in senior high school, Payne weighed 300 pounds and may dunk a basketball. He grew into a 350-pound five-star recruit as an older and continuously cut weight without shedding power at Alabama. A season as a true freshman backup After, Payne began 29 video games from 2016-17, collecting 89 tackles (4.5 for loss), 2.5 sacks, and six passes defensed over that period. He dominated in the 2018 College Football Playoff, including an interception and receiving touchdown in a period of eight has in the Sugar Bowl. He stood out at the NFL Scouting Match a 4.95-second 40-yard dash at 311 pounds.

Don’t let the modest creation mislead the evaluation of Payne, who progressed during his 3 years into a disruptive player who should only get better highly. Asked to eat blocks primarily, he anchored against double teams and squelched opposing run games with discipline. He’s very well built, and country strong but carries his weight well with nimble movement for his size.

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The biggest question is whether Payne can hurry the passer at another level. He’s explosive enough to take action but didn’t penetrate often in university, showing a restricted selection of pass-rush goes and hands techniques. He also plays a little too high off the snap, undermining his burst and ending some rushes early.

Payne should be a stud run defender from Day 1 but whichever team bites in Round 1 will need him to impact quarterbacks. Despite minimal results, he flashes in this respect, and along with his developmental arrow directing up, he should be a much better rusher as a pro. SEC programs spend time recruiting in Wyoming hardly ever, but Bryan – or “Wyoming Wildman” as his Gator teammates call him – experienced the raw talent in high school to attract teams like Florida to the rural plains of Casper, Wyoming.

The son of the Navy SEAL, Bryan was a standout unpleasant tackle and defensive deal with at Natrona County, leading the team to consecutive state championships as a junior and senior. The Gators lured him to Gainesville, where he redshirted and spent another two seasons as a reserve. Taking over for Caleb Brantley, Bryan impressed with 37 tackles, 6.0 tackles for loss and 4.0 sacks as a first-year starter in 2017, drawing enough attention from NFL scouts that he left college for the pros early. The Florida roster is filled with top-tier athletes, but at 291 pounds, Bryan may have been the most impressive athlete for the reason that locker room.