Propolis Is Undeniably The Bee’s Glue 2

Propolis Is Undeniably The Bee’s Glue

I’ve never written a lesson on propolis, that sticky stuff that ruins your nice, new, white bee suit, that stuff that won’t come off your fingertips unless you use alcoholic beverages. But, propolis performs an important role in the colony’s health. Hello friends, we are David & Sheri Burns from Long Lane Honey Bee Farms in central Illinois.

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I’d like to thank some of our top bee experts in the united states who spent time nourishing me great information in planning to this lesson. When we think of products from the hive we are most familiar with honey, wax and pollen maybe. But two more products from the hive are more obscure to us, royal jelly and propolis.

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Today, we’ll take a detailed take a look at propolis. Soon we’ll check out royal jelly. If you have ever opened a hive of honey bees you have encountered propolis. You probably still have some on your bee suit. When you have a hive that produces copious amounts of propolis then guess what happens it’s like to fight gummed up frames and lids.

Caucasians bees are known as excessive propolizers. Propolis is sticky and it makes hive inspections more difficult. In the event that you work your hives bare handed like I do, then you know what it feels like at the end of the day to have your fingers covered with propolis. All of the dislikes aside, I really like the smell and appearance of propolis. Every year I scrape off propolis and keep a ball from it helpful to use inside our queen rearing operation, to help set the cell cups and bars tight in position.

What Is Propolis And Where And JUST HOW DO Bees Gather It? Bees gather propolis from vegetation and trees such as the poplar, alders, birch, willows, and conifers. Vegetation and Trees and shrubs produce a sticky resin to safeguard their buds against bacterias and fungus. The makeup of propolis varies with respect to the plant source, and therefore varies from region to region and colony to colony.Particular foragers are assigned the duty of gathering propolis.