You Should Know What Is A Cancelled Cheque? 2

You Should Know What Is A Cancelled Cheque?

What is a Canceled Check? A canceled check in India simply identifies any check that has strike marks on it with the words ‘cancelled’ written across. A terminated check is known as to be evidence that you possess an account with the lender actually. From withdrawal of EPF funds to setting up an electric Clearance Service from the account, a canceled check is necessary in many cases. However, before we talk about the utilization of canceled checks, why don’t we let you know how to issue a terminated check. Most investment organizations give greater importance to Know Your Customer (KYC) recommendations.

So if you are buying Mutual Funds or the stock market, the business will require a canceled check to verify if the account associated with the investment actually belongs to you. From purchasing of accessories like a mobile phone, TV, or fridge to trying to get a Car Loan, MORTGAGE LOAN, Education Loan, etc., EMIs have become the favorite setting of payment.

And to create the procedure of EMIs moving, a terminated check is required as proof that a bank or investment company is kept by you accounts. A canceled check is required to setup the Electronic Clearance Service, on a monthly basis which automatically deducts money from your account. To withdraw your provident fund amount, companies generally ask for a canceled check with your name onto it to validate your account details. Whilst purchasing insurance coverage, a canceled check is necessary.

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To cancel a check leaf, all you have to do is pull two parallel lines over the check and write ‘Cancelled’ in between both lines. A terminated check doesn’t require your signature. It gives details such as account’s number, account holder’s name, MICR code, name, and branch address of the bank. Though no one can withdraw money from your account utilizing a canceled check, fraudulent activities utilizing a canceled check have happened before.

So be careful when you issue a canceled check and make sure that the individual you are handing it to is extremely reliable. Well, we wish that people have answered all of your doubts regarding a canceled check. If you’re looking for some investment options, go ahead and explore!

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