Windows Update CANNOT Complete, A LOT OF Weirdness Now

Microsoft Office cannot verify the permit for this product. You should repair the Office program by using Control Panel. THEREFORE I tried the various built troubleshooting options – nothing worked. I thought, let’s just give a reboot a try and find out if that will anything. Upon shutting down, I noticed was an upgrade there, so I chose the ‘revise and restart’ option.

The update surely got to 97% and then stated it could not complete and it was undoing changes. So changes gets undone (I guess) and I finish up back at the login display screen. I could find on this talks about domain issues. I click okay and then it signs me out.

I try registering again, and this time it lets me in, but my display is dark (I can only see the cursor) I fiddle a bit connecting to a second monitor and my desktop appears. 1. I don’t possess my desktop background (it is merely black). I really do see program shortcuts and can release them fine. 2. Pressing the home windows search and icon icon on the duty pub does nothing.

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This file doesn’t have an application associated with if for carrying out this action. Please, install a scheduled program or, if one has already been installed, create an association in the Default Programs control -panel. I get: The server process cannot be started because the configured identity is incorrect. Check consumer name and password.

I believe there are other issues. I am in a position to talk about the Run fast and if I click browse following that, I could get home windows explorer to open and can get around my one drive files and other programs and such. Then I tried another reboot and I again have the same issues mentioned above – except I now never get the gpsvc mistake when I sign in.

Does anyone have any thoughts regarding what happened and what I could try to do to solve? Aside, from trying a windows repair (rather than sure if that will do anything trained with seems I’ve some sort of account/permission concern) or a re-install, I am at a loss. Edit: I just tried signing out (ctrl-alt-delete) and, again, like putting your signature on in it required about 2 minutes to sign-out. Uncertain if this is indicative of something or not.

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