WHO Have Thought?

I thought it would be interesting (for me personally if no-one else) to look back on my remembrances of every marathon. This is so not the same as the previous yr. I ‘forgot’ to do any training until the Monday prior to the race. An 8 mile easy run convinced me, foolishly somewhat, that my natural fitness (!) would see me through the entire race. Decked out as Robin (operating with my pal Gordon who was simply Batman), we tripped into the rain at as easy a pace as it can be. I were able to keep working for 23 kilometers before the wheels fell off big style.

I battled to the finish, struggled to make contact with the automobile then, and couldn’t walk up or down stairs for the next fortnight. This marathon working wasn’t as easy as I needed thought… a bit of training made it a lot easier. Who would have thought? In the four and a half years from September 1985 to April 1990 I put placed on a lot of weight and lost all my fitness. That changed when I moved to Troon and began running, to begin with to get fit and then simply, as I used to be enjoying it, to get faster.

In October I joined the local golf club, Troon Tortoises, and noticed my times down drop and. I trained hard all winter on the Lochaber marathon in April 1991, and believed I was in form for a sub 3 hour finish. The unavoidable happened. I fast proceeded to go off too, fell soon after the fifty percent way point aside, and needed a lift back in a law enforcement car from 18 mls.

I was totally devastated about my failure and made a decision to do Dundee a few weeks later on as my way to getting ‘back on the horse’, without wearing a wrist watch and operating to finish. I’ve 2 distinct memories of this race. The first was viewing the business lead car come back down the course using its clock while i was about 15 miles, and realise how gradually I was working quite.

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I provided myself a good lecturing and pushed on over the last 11 miles, moving more than 100 people. The next was achieving the end, going in to the Caird Hall to get transformed, and on offer a drink of lager by a runner beside me. When I said no thanks a lot – my belly is at bits – he asked me if I was generating.

It didn’t eventually him that it was probably the last thing on the planet I needed to drink at that one moment. I adored the Loch Rannoch marathon but don’t remember a good deal concerning this particular competition, maybe because I did it (and the half) quite a few times, and the entire years sort of merge in to one another. It had been a loop round the village (3 miles) the 23 miles across the loch, going through the grounds of Rannoch School at about 20 miles.

The path was hilly, especially at the much end of the loch, and normally hot. I’m fairly sure I just set out to run – a little like Dundee – and not worry too much about my time, but in all honesty I don’t keep in mind much about it too. While I didn’t remember much about LR, I recall everything about Inverclyde almost. The race started on the prom, headed up to Port Glasgow, turned and came back through Greenock, along through Gourock and out to the Cloch lighthouse, transformed and came back into the prom then.

I thought sub 3 hours was on and went for it, operating at a steady and very consistent 6.45 pace. Things began to hurt around 21 / 22 miles, but at that time I knew I had been on for sub 3 and dug in. I still remember viewing the 25 mile sign as I returned in to the prom – I really was hurting by this stage, but identified to keep it going.