Westworld: How that shocking character return leaves us with plenty of new questions?

Warning: Massive spoilers ahead for Westworld Season 2, Episode 6

This week’s episode of the sci-fi TV series Westworld ended with a surprising reveal that Ford, whose decomposing body was shown in previous episodes, is embedded within his most significant inventions, The Cradle.  In this week’s Westworld episode dubbed Phase Space things turned up a notch as Maeve and her daughter reunite, Elsie extracts Bernard’s mind, Abernathy resurfaces, and Emily confronts the Man in Black.

westworld season 2

This episode was full of surprises. Robert Ford, played by Anthony Hopkins, whose physical body is currently decomposing in Sweetwater, while an AI form of him exists in the Cradle. As Bernard, played by Jeffrey Wright, heads into the data backup center in order to find the source of the host rebellion, he discovers that Ford is trying to get back control of the park from beyond the grave. When Bernard goes into the Cradle, we get a glimpse of Dolores before she became Wyatt and Teddy before transformed to Mean Teddy.

Bernard and Elsie try to figure out more about the Cradle while Maeve and the Man in Black struggle with the relationships with their respective daughters. Meanwhile, Dolores pursues her own parental connection and tries to save her dad Peter Abernathy, with a newly transformed Teddy by her side.

The teaser for the next episode of Westworld reveals a small conversation between Bernard and the AI Ford wherein Ford tells Bernard that what is going to happen is not Bernard’s fault. This may be Ford’s confession that all that is ensuring a part of his grand plan. We will have to wait for the upcoming episodes to find out what Ford’s grand scheme is.