Spain World Cup winner Puyol’s Hair-Raising Issue

Everybody has had bad hair days, times when our hair is a greasy unruly mess, but for carefully groomed shiny curls to land someone in trouble is very unlikely.

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The history of soccer has seen some wild, edgy, and bizarre haircuts. But seldom has a haircut seen a soccer player barred from television, something ex-footballer Carles Puyol can now boast of.

The former long-time captain of Spain’s soccer team alleges that Iranian TV officials banned him from featuring as a commentator because of his long mane.

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Even though there is no official policy concerning haircuts, according to the code of conduct of Iranian Football Federation, soccer players should not have hairdos which spread foreign culture.

While it is essential to be considerate towards the viewers, it seems to be incredulous that Puyol was first invited and then denied permission to make the appearance. It brings to question the censorship powers of a State and how it controls what the citizens watch. Along the same lines, what is being viewed helps in forming public opinion. Thus, in a subtle way, it is manipulating the thoughts and ideologies of those residing in that State.

As a Twitter user pointed out, the broadcasters were well aware of Puyol’s appearance and wild locks, and yet they invited him and spent all the money and resources into getting him to Iran, and it was all futile.