These Preschoolers wrote a Cookbook And Their Recipes Are Hilarious

Given that there are so many cookbooks, food blogs, and video channels, it is hard to come up with original recipes these days. Thankfully, a bunch of preschoolers are proving that it is still possible to be creative in the kitchen.

Jordan Adams posted a few funny pages from his nephew Ethan’s pre-K cookbook. These hilarious yet adorable snippets feature recipes which the kids had to come up with by themselves.

Needless to save, the recipes are entirely imaginative.

Ethan’s Egg” does not list eggs as an ingredient. This quick three-ingredient recipe calls for pancakes, sugar, and skittles. Even though prepping the dish requires an hour, it takes only two seconds to cook it.

Ethan’s Egg

Ariana’s Macaroni” curiously lists apples, strawberries, toys, backpack, and a doll as ingredients. The ingredients can be purchased at Walmart and Target.

Ariana’s Macaroni

Next up in the adorable cookbook is “Joe’s Tacos”; however, his heart really is not in it.  He decides to change the recipe because he admits that he doesn’t actually know anything. He wishes to change it to cheesy roll-ups because they are incredibly easy and he knows how to make them.

Joe’s Tacos

Last but not the least, there is “Sebastian’s Pancakes.” This original recipe requires just one ingredient: salt and costs $70. He ends the recipe with a cute reminder.

Sebastian’s Pancakes

Adam’s tweet has garnered around 180,000 likes and over 73,000 retweets. He admitted that his personal favorite is nephew’s “Ethan’s egg “recipe.