Power Rangers Fans Raise Money For The Recovery Of Iconic Villain Lord Zedd Portrayed by Robert Axelrod

Iconic Power Rangers villain, Robert Axelrod who dubbed Lord Zedd and Finster in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers recently underwent some unexpected health problems. Quite recently, he had to undergo major back surgery.  Regrettably, complications occurred after the operation. Since he is presently in recovery and incapable of working, a GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help him during this challenging time.

Axelrod, a vocal actor, voiced roles of one of the most popular Power Rangers villains.  Austin St. John, the American actor who played the iconic role of Jason Lee Scott in Power Rangers, set up the fundraiser campaign. He also posted a tweet on popular social media platform, Twitter,  urging the Power Ranger fans to donate for Axelrod’s recovery.

Power Rangers Fans

The fundraiser is already a pretty roaring success.  Its object is to gather $10,000 and in just barely three days $8,085 has been raised.  The people who are interested can contribute as little as one dollar and are also advised to write words of support and post any pictures taken with Robert Axelrod at comic conventions or elsewhere.  The campaign states that Axelrod always loved meeting his fans and listening to their stories.