MUST I Leave My Financial Advisor?

Thanks for the email. The TD US Blue Chip fund will indeed have a MER quoted as 2.41% on the last disclosure document I have here in print. You must look at both performance of the investment and the price of the investment. The finance has quite strong performance and the management of the fund is by TD Asset Management along with the fund supervisor at T Rowe Price.

This combination does have costs but the costs are sensible – built into the MER is also as we discussed the Trailer that TD will pay back to us as advisors for the Management of your investments. I’ve TD US Blue Chip finance both in my investment accounts and my children’s education account.

Robo Advisors are cheaper because they’re not using the individual financial advisors for advice or any type of service. There’s a cost to the Robo advisors and that is in having less advice. There is also a cost to the financial advisors for the advice outside of just investing an investment.

In your case because of the partnership with your Mom X – I did so not charge you any up front compensation or commission on the original purchase in the TD US Blue Chip holding. 9,716 last August and I inputted the purchase at no commission, as we had discussed. When you sell that particular mutual fund, you will see no-redemption or commission to sell.

100 per 12 months – of which I personally get a reduced part of that. If the target is merely to buy an investment and make a return then your Robo Advisor is practical. Toronto and selling your car to your new job and the pension plan. Each one of these are items that a Robo Advisor does not provide, and that people didn’t charge for. Let me know if you have any further questions about the finance and the Robo Advisors then we can chat further on the phone about the other questions you have. We do make ourselves open to our clients and beat to provide additional information wherever possible and within reason. We often do not charge for these extra services seeing that we receive a small truck from the investments, but way more we see there being truly a greater chance of additional business from oneself later on.

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  • Every ETF sold
  • Public debts: 30.1% of GDP
  • Must have a Gold Checking Package to apply
  • Domestic/foreign prices
  • Currency market
  • 46$591,973 $10,000 5%
  • Where Will Boeing Maintain 5 Years

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