Metro Exodus has been Delayed For PS4, Xbox One, PC

Metro Exodus is a third party third game in the survival/horror/stealth/shooter series. Game lovers were eagerly waiting for this game to be released. The news coming out from the sources revealed that the and the first to feature a more expansive open world has now been delayed. The game was about to launch this year, but it will be available in the Q1 2019. The game will work out to sometime in the January-March 2019 window.

The press release from THQ Nordic confirmed the news. In this press release, the reason for this delayed has not specified.

Just like the previous Metro games, Exodus stars Artyom is fleeing the ruins of the Moscow Metro with a band of survivors. Statements from the Publisher Deep Silver expressed that the game will be a “sandbox survival experience,” with players exploring large and nonlinear levels in a story.It will be the first time in the Metro series that Exodus will feature an open world. It will be quite exciting to see this.

The delay was revealed in THQ’s financial briefing

“The forthcoming AAA title Metro Exodus which is hosted by THQ Nordic studio Deep Silver is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2019. Earlier news and information were that it would launch in 2018”.

It’s probably for the best with the 2018 holiday season. Though, definitely disappointing with Metro Exodus being the most anticipated games of 2018

Talking about the first Metro game, Metro 2033, came out in 2010. A recent entry in the series was 2013’s Metro: Last Light, so it’s been a long time coming for a new game. The franchise of this game was created and is developed by 4A Games in Ukraine. The company based on the works of Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky.