Kansas Man Arrested For Attempting To Have Intercourse with Car

An intoxicated man in Kansas was tasered by the police while attempting to have intercourse with the tailpipe of a car, according to the Kansas police. The Newton police arrested him after catching him in the act in response to a call received about a naked man lying underneath a vehicle in an apartment parking complex in East Broadway. The cops arrived to find the 24-year-old inebriated while being surrounded by many people who watched in horror as he did it with the car.

Newton Police Department’s Lt. Scott Powell said that man was so much under the influence that he was oblivious to the people surrounding him, including police. The naked man continued to have intercourse with the car’s tailpipe even after the cops showed up, and they had to shoot him with a stun gun when he ignored their commands.

The man, who is yet to be identified, had a whopping .35 blood alcohol level on the breathalyzer test administered on the field. Due to this potentially life-threatening blood alcohol level, he was taken to the nearest ER for medical treatment. The police also suspected him of being high on drugs.

The Newton police have recommended that the man should be charged with misdemeanor for lewd and lascivious behavior. Powell said that the man has not been officially charged. It still not known who the owner of the car which was violated is.

This is not the first time that someone has been in the spotlight for slamming a car. In 2012, a man in Arkansas appeared on national TV for his fetish for the hot rod. The show was about his intimate relationship with his Chevy Monte Carlo.