We Now Have A Computer Designed Specifically For Creating Smart Robots

It just became easier to build intelligent robots.

Every year, the crème de la crème of the tech world meets at Computex, the world’s biggest information and communications technology show in Asia. A few days ago, Jensen Huang, founder, and CEO of American software and semiconductor maker NVIDIA, at a conference announced two new products, Jetson Xavier and NVIDIA Isaac, designed to make it simpler and affordable for developers to build and train smart robots.

As per a press release by the company, Jetson Xavier is the first computer in the world which is designed mainly for robotics. It consists of a whopping 9 billion transistors and six processors, such as Volta Tensor Core GPU and eight-core ARM64 CPU.

In layman’s language, Jetson Xavier is extremely powerful and efficient. It has the ability to deliver 30 trillion operations per second. Moreover, it consumes merely 30 watts of electricity, which is around half of the power used by your average light bulb. This computer can help in developing more advanced robots and making robotics more accessible to people.

Jetson Xavier kit is priced at $1,299, and it comes with Isaac robotics software.