Nosy Parker Calls Cops On Fellow Train Rider For Eating Burrito

As it seems, the people in San Francisco have a new past-time: Calling cops over petty things such as eight-year-old girls selling water without a permit. In a viral video posted on Reddit, we see a spectacled man wearing a Hawaiian shirt confronting another man for eating Mexican food on a train.


That’s correct people! Burritos are banned on the Bay Area Rapid Transit, as there are policies against eating and drinking on the BART trains. Irrespective of the rules, people usually mind their own businesses and do not bother passengers who are enjoying a quick meal while riding the train.

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But this nosy man in the video decided to take the matter into his own hands by hounding a white man trying to savor his meal.

After berating the burrito-eating passenger and calling him stupid, the annoyed busybody goes over to the emergency telecom and calls the police. He tells the probably confused policeman that a passenger is dining on the train.

The offender seems unfazed and continues to dine. Other passengers look amused, and they encourage the offender to enjoy his meal. The diner eventually gets off the train at the next stop.