Dad Pretends To Be Prime Minister Of Morocco To Snag A Restaurant Reservation

We have all gone through the joys of dragging ourselves out of our comfy beds at 5 o’clock in the morning to make dinner reservations at restaurants, only to hear for the zillionth time-“We regret to inform you that we are fully booked.” While many of us give up and grab a bite at a fast food joint, or worse, order takeaway from the Thai restaurant around the corner.

This incredible dad outdid us all and scored a reservation by pretending to be the prime minister of Morocco.

The dad of Twitter user @Ihab8knicks decided to con his way into the restaurant when he failed to score a reservation.

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Instead of giving up hope and heading to a not so popular restaurant, this dad came up with an ingenious idea to exploit his striking resemblance to Saadeddine Othmani, the Moroccan Prime Minister since 2017.

If you are not in au fait with Morocco’s politics and leaders, then here is an image of Saadeddine Othmani for your reference:

Prime Minister Of Morocco

Upon being told that the establishment is fully booked, the con dad called the restaurant back only to pretend to be the leader of a foreign nation. The restaurant fell for the lie lock, stock, and barrel.

When the father-son duo arrived at the restaurant, they were offered the best table. The chef came to meet the royalty and requested the dad to sign a plate.

Ihab shared a video of the entire act.

And well, people are going crazy over this impressive deception.