20 Awesome Comic Text Photoshop Actions & Cartoon Photo Effects

If you or your kids are in love with the cartoons, so Photoshop actions give an opportunity to turn yourself into the one among them all! You can easily and simply create the coolest photo effects without any former software knowledge.

We very well understand the feeling and confident of designing your cartoons by itself, so we try to make a list together, defining the best comic text actions & cartoon photo effects which are very easy to use.

For this, you need to open your photo and click to run particular actions and enjoy peculiar and entertaining cartoon effects. You can also use the Colors for creating high-quality predetermined and customize it with text and much more that you want to do!

Do you want to know the name of these Photoshop actions, so check out the list of best 20 Comic Text Actions & Cartoon Photo Effects for creating the amazing creativity:

Soft Cartoon Photoshop Action

Soft Cartoon Photoshop Action will give your photos and portraits a colorful cartoon effect with one click. Save hours of work with this action. After action finish the work you get a well-organized and structured file with the many layers, folders and settings to improve the final result. Action perfectly work on Mac and PC.

Cartoon Melted Drips Action

Using Cartoon Melted Drips Action you can create and experiment with dripping fluids in Adobe Photoshop with ease. Create awesome organic slime, pouring and smooth liquid flow effects. For the best results, it is recommended to use photos in the range of 2000px – 2500px.

Cartoon Vector Photoshop Action

Create one-of-a-kind vector cartoons in only a few steps! This awesome Photoshop action can be used to transform your pictures for posters, albums, or social media covers. Choose from 25 unique color combinations to apply to your final artwork before saving.

Vector Cartoon Photoshop Action

Upload a cool cartoon effect to your social media profiles with this simple Photoshop action. Designed to give your photos that vector cartoonish look, this action can be used with versions CS5 and above. A quick user guide is also included for more information.

10 Geometric Style Text Effects

Try out these modern geometric text effects to create beautifully designed comics! Featuring 10 PSD files with fully layered graphics, these text effects are easy to update and place into your work. Just replace the names with your own text to see the magical result!

Glitch Cartoon Effects

Turn your pictures into funny cartoons! This Photoshop action delivers awesome caricature-styled portraits without all the hassle. It even applies a cool glitch-inspired texture for added appeal. It’s totally non-destructive and easy to use, so make sure to try it out!

Gradient Duotone Design Photoshop Action

Make your illustrations and photos look super psychedelic with this gradient duotone action. With just one click, this action generates 25 colorful duotone effects decorated with large halftone blobs. Use it for presenting your work online or for traditional media.

3D Cartoon Text Effects

Create stunning 3D text just like your favorite animated features! Included in this download are eight professional Photoshop files created at 300 dpi. Easily change the font or text by selecting the smart objects, and then make your edits. Add this effect to any movie or poster!

Cartoon Art Photoshop Action

Add a little texture to your cartoons to help them stand out! This awesome Photoshop action delivers a unique alternative to flat, boring cartoons. Not only do you get a quality Photoshop action to apply the effect, but you also get a bonus texture image to create a weathered look like the one below. Try it out on your photos!

Vintage Comic Creator

Rough out your ideas with this smart vintage comic creator. This simple action creates a comic book-inspired text effect you can efficiently apply to any logo or text. Included in this download are several patterns, layer styles, and overlays that are completely editable.

Cartoon Art Photoshop Action

Surprise your kids and family with a custom cartoon of their own. This Photoshop action creates a quick and easy cartoon effect inspired by Impressionist paintings. Get access to fully organized folders and layers, all in one convenient download. Check it out!

Ultra Realistic 3D Space Effect

Love space? Then create a brilliant space-inspired text effect for your comic designs! This cool Photoshop action creates fully editable text effects featuring fun cartoon themes. You’ll get one main file with several examples and even a link to the free font used.

Painting & Comics Photoshop Actions

Get two amazing effects in one incredible download! This Photoshop action pack features 12 professional actions to create stunning painting and comic book-inspired results. They’re fully compatible with Mac and PC devices and even include an easy-to-follow user guide.

Cell Shader Photoshop Action

Cell shading is a traditional art technique used to create amazing cartoons. You can achieve that same look with this one-step action. Just open up the photo you’d like to use, and then press play to see it shaded. Try it out on friends, animals, and stock photos for a brilliant effect!

Foil Balloon Text Effect Action

Spell out a quirky message to your followers with this epic foil balloon text effect. Featuring one Photoshop file that works with any text or shape, this action lets you experiment with different colors and textures for the desired result. Use it on logos, posters, and headers!

Caricature Maker Photoshop Actions

Discover hilarious Photoshop actions to twist and warp your photos. This splendid caricature maker turns your portraits into awesome caricatures in less time. Control the face distortion yourself before applying one of many different color presets. Give it a try!

Comic Book Ink Actions

Finalize your comic book designs with some cool text effects. This Photoshop action set contains two wicked actions to create high-resolution text. They’re fully customizable and contain super helpful extras like patterns and brushes for more incredible texture.

Pixelator Photoshop Action

Generate a fun pixel-inspired design with this amazing Pixelator Photoshop action. All you have to do is fill your subject in with color before pressing play to enjoy the fantastic result! Try this effect on objects, people, or pets for funny and surprising effects!

Cell Shader 2 Photoshop Action

A sequel to the original cell shader action, this Photoshop action creates a gorgeous cartoon look! To use it on your photos, simply fill the subject with color before pressing play. In seconds, a cell-shaded result will appear which you further customize with more colors. Give it a go!

Smoke Photoshop Action

How does the Smoke Photoshop Action work? You simply fill in your subject with a color and play the Action!