Canadian Woman and Son Sitting in Car Get Sprayed by Liquid Poo

A Kelowna driver is haunted by a disturbing incident she endured on May 9th when she was spattered with excrement.

Susan Allan, the driver, said that nearly a month ago she and her adult son, Travis Sweet, were sitting in their car at a red light when they were sprayed with “liquid poo,” which came streaming through the open sunroof.

Liquid Poo

She said that while they were sitting in the car at the stoplight, their vehicle was inundated with excreta mysteriously raining from the sky.

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Allan told that she had the liquid poo on her face, down her shirt, and her entire car and the car beside her were covered in it.

Her son said that he felt something cold hit the side of his face before the odor hit his nose. He added that it almost made him puke instantly.

Susan Allan, on the other hand, dissolved in tears. She said it stank so much that she got a sick stomach.

The following day she also had to visit the doctor because of issues concerning her eye. She alleges that because of the fecal phenomenon she has pinkeye.

She added that they saw a large passenger aircraft flying over as they watched the fecal matter fall from the sky.

The steamed driver contacted Kelowna Airport for an explanation.

As reported by The Globe and Mall Newspaper, the Transport Canada administrator said that the government would investigate the possibility of “blue ice” or frozen sewage material falling from an aircraft.