Tomorrow At School Is Drag Makeup

Hello world. I am going to start from the week well with a picture-less and brief (but special) entrance! Dove into my third work experience today doing makeup and attempting hair on 2 girls for a picture shoot for Hopeless Lingerie. We began at 9am in the city for hair and makeup and trained it to Edithvale for a shoot on the beach and finished at 5:00!

It was a great day though! I got to do some natural looks for photos I bet will come out great and I got to hold the light reflector. Oh the fun of being helpful! Tomorrow at school is drag makeup, so I wish to bring home some fantastic pictures with me!

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This Is The Situation In India

Mica is a naturally occurring mineral that’s widely utilized in makeup for its shimmery quality. It makes eyeshadow dazzle and provides foundations a sought-after natural glow. You could be arduous-pressed to find a model of cosmetics that doesn’t use it at present. However, its procurement is commonly unlawful, involves little one labour and is related to well being and security risks.

This is the state of affairs in India, where 60% of the world’s mica is produced. The impoverished population of Jharkhand State mine for mica despite it being banned. This is destroying the state’s nature reserve, but the world’s growing curiosity in mica-primarily based cosmetics means production continues. For many locals it’s their solely source of earnings. Although there are serious occupational well being hazards linked to mica production, complete households work in the industry, together with very young children. Not a month goes by without any person dying within the mines. Child slave labour is shockingly frequent here. Forced to work and deprived of education, these children are left with only one option – to remain stuck forever in this harmful and underpaid job. While many big beauty firms refuse to purchase mica straight from unlawful mines, they don’t question where the processing plants they store at get their supplies from. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of the mines in Jharkhand are unlawful.

But as Aladdin exhibits, its protagonist is simply one among many poor folks dwelling within the shadows of the palace, pretty much all of whom, like …