There can be an old telling that goes “you can’t miss what you never really had” meaning that for individuals who have never experienced something of these things they have no idea what they are passing up on. For everyday tasks Typically I use Ubuntu or some Linux flavor as my operating system, as most techs know using Home windows is inescapable at times however. Klipper/Copy & Paste Manager – I take advantage of that one alot while I am either coding or writing a study paper for school.

More often than not I find I’ve copied something new and then discover I need to paste a link or block of code again from two copies back. Having a holder icon where I can recall the last ten copies or so is mighty useful. Desktop Notifications – This is something that was mainly launched in Ubuntu 9 first. 04 then one I grew familiar with having.

Window Option – That is something I find useful once I am instant messaging while keying in a paper, browsing the web, or watching a movie on my computer. Essentially what it does is ensure that the windowpane you have this option toggled on is always near the top of your viewing regardless of what program you have selected/are working in.

It pays to since it allows me to read instant messages devoid of needing to click out of something else that I am working on. Multiple Work Spaces – ONCE I reach really heavy multitasking on something having multiple different desktops to assign applications to is a god send. It permits better firm of the different things I am working on and helps to keep me moving at a faster speed.

Scrolling in the Window/Application the Cursor has ended – That one again is mostly relevant when some heavy multitasking is going on (but hey – it’s almost 2010, who isn’t always doing at least three things at once right? The very best part is it often remembers which programs you utilize most.

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Meaning that a lot of times you only need to type the first letter or two of a commonly used application for it to find the one you are looking for. Removable Media SHOULDN’T Have a Driver Letter – The system Windows uses for assigning characters to storage devices was clearly invented before display drives been around and Personally I think it works very poorly for managing such devices.

It is complicated to new computer users that their removable media shows up as a different drive notice on most every machine (and even on the same machine sometimes if you have multiple drives attached). Hidden Files that is Easy/Make Sense – I really like how Linux grips hidden files. You prefix your document name with a “simply.” and the poof its gone if you don’t have your file browser set to see hidden folders.

I believe that it is goofy to own it setup as a toggle option within the file’s settings. Beyond that Windows has “hidden” data files and “hidden” files to further mistake things. System Updates that Install/Configure Once – I’ve done more than my fair share of Windows installs and the update process it goes through each and every time irks me beyond belief. The system downloads and “installs” the updates, then it requires restart. Upon shutting down it “installs” the updates again and then proceeds to “configure” them.