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I have a reserve fund that I have kept in Tangerine since 2003. I place it into an ING accounts at that time because the interest rate was good. At the time the eye from banks was pathetic. People I know say that you can phone Tangerine every six months and get the speed that they give to new customers for 6 months.

Apparently they will do that if you threaten to obtain your money. Personally I do not need to have to play such video games with companies I deal with. I needed met a person who works at Meridian and she recommended that it was a much better place to keep such money. She said the interest rates were better and that they were good to deal with.

I looked online and the interest rate was 1.4% in comparison to Tangerine’s 1%. With Tangerine (ING) I had developed to create my accounts online and provided them the banking information to do the exchanges. With Meridian you have to print off the form for exchanges and either have a test check to them or get the info certified from your bank.

Either way, it means a vacation to them or your bank or investment company. So on Friday, December 29, 2017 I took an example check and the proper execution to the closes Meridian branch. The teller said that I would get an email when the account was ready for transfers. I had formed expected a contact via my email as they asked for that.

When a week later I hadn’t yet received appeared online within my account to see if the ability to transfer funds had been set up. I had fashioned no such fortune, but I did find that that they had a secure messages system. There is a note about me setting up my accounts.

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In the meantime I got a note from Tangerine saying that they were offering 2.4% on new money. So on January 4, 2018 I moved the balk of the emergency fund to top up to Tangerine. I appeared to observe how long this 2 almost everywhere.4% requested but could not find that information. Anyone I have spoken to state that it would probably be for six months.

Finally on January 10, 2018 I replied to the secure message on Meridian asking when my account will be created for transfers. I checked on January 13, 2017, and even though I did not get an answer, a message dated January 11, 2018 was saying that my account were setup for exchanges there.