Is It Our Social Experiment Gone Wrong? 2

Is It Our Social Experiment Gone Wrong?

Today, the nagging problem is a more serious one, not that it is a primary home-made one because it is significantly not the case. It lies in that great global structural change which I wrote earlier about. At the same time, we’ve GLCs that are monopolizing and politicizing the overall economy, maybe as desired, but certainly not without financial costs.

Privatizing this property is a step in the right direction but whether that will assist or not would really depend on about how it is privatized, or whether it’ll be put for greater efficiency. We have to restructure the national economy and put it onto a proper footing for the future.

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We all know that the information technology has now completely transformed the world, and it indeed has. Social information is currently creating a life on its own, and people are connected to make their own virtual world that they now enact in true to life. Segments of culture want to distribute their messages plus they do that mass on foot.

They idealize in their digital world plus they want real life to be frictionless and instantaneous as well. They want sharp drastic and significant changes to society and life because they need the opportunity to create their own world. As not everyone will come to a consensus, it is likely that upheavals of all kinds shall take form for display in the social media.

Economically, however, we have both superpowers – the united states and China – sucking all the resources from all of those other world. The QE has introduced this global inflation, which is the best way to siphon off resources specifically. China has used its cheap labor to monopolize all labour-dependent activities such that global wages have been driven down to near zero, creating a standard of living among the laboring class at par with those in China. This is where Bangladesh and Indochina workers come to Malaysia to ensure absolute joblessness among working Malaysians at home.

With this occurring in the underbelly of the national economy, it is not unrelated to an issue that Malaysians on both sides of the public divide are coming out showing their discontent. To really have the red tee shirts pitching the yellowish shirts and the rest of the demonstration of public power and power is not but a representation of the deep sense of insecurity that everyone is feeling about the state of the nation. The federal government understands that the info system is basic to the new Malaysian economy into the future. That ICT backbone must therefore compete and efficient.

But Malaysians are paying huge fees every month for an excellent from it service that can’t be said to be adequate for today’s, and hence worse for future years. Collusion and Monopoly are the killers. These big IT firms can make their huge profits to fulfill their shareholders however they are doing a disservice to everyone and the future of the nation.