Makeup BESIDE ME!: Crush With Eyeliner 2

Makeup BESIDE ME!: Crush With Eyeliner

I’m a huge enthusiast of liquid eyeliner. I want to get that taken care of right now just. Black liquid eyeliner Especially. If I were stranded on an island and was actually dim enough to be worrying about makeup rather than – you know – surviving, I’d want my favorite liquid eyeliner with me. Not all liquid eyeliners are the same – and this becomes more obvious/important whenever your lids begin to show the signals of aging.

In point of truth, the main discussion against them – for girls of a particular Age – is they can tend to look too “harsh”. It’s a straightforward reality that, as you no longer possess bouncy, fresh, elastic lids, one must use “softer” eye-makeup to compensate or one runs the risk of looking like Cruella DeVille. My lids are in pretty good shape for an old bird – but I most emphatically do not have flawless skin for the reason that area.

  • Plexaderm 100% Hyaluronic Moisturiser
  • Reformation (12)
  • Small pieces of cucumber
  • Use proper make-up remover rather than just cleaning it away

There’s just the faintest signs of sagging – however they are there. However, I am not about to quit my favorite makeup item – perish the thought! So, for some time, is compensated by first laying down a pencil-liner for the softening effect, drawing a thinner then, less-obvious line, very near to the lash-line with whatever arbitrary liquid liner is needed on-hand. That way, I’d get the soft, blurring aftereffect of the pencil liner without compromising the strength of the liquid.

The problem is, I abhor effort. Because I like to do a finished-eye/bare face kind of look a la Edie Sedgwick, Brigitte Bardot et al most times I don’t enjoy needing to do two steps to attain an effect in deference to not being 23 anymore. Not only that, many liquid liners don’t endure well layered over pencil.

They can split, flake, and smudge. Enter Le Metier de Beaute’s Precision Liquid Eyeliner. I’d found out about this eyeliner for quite a while before purchasing it, because it is pricey. But some time ago I decided to go for it after an especially good sales week in my own perfume shop, and find out what all the fuss was about. And without a doubt, sometimes you are doing get what you pay for in the cosmetics-world really.

I have no idea how they take action, but there is no annoying clicker on the end that you’ll require to press in order to dispense the liquid – it just flows beautifully. It is the perfect dark color – not too harsh, but opaque enough to give a dark range initially swipe.