THE VERY BEST 20 Instagram Micro Influencers TO CHECK OUT Right Now 2

THE VERY BEST 20 Instagram Micro Influencers TO CHECK OUT Right Now

As social mass media is growing, so will its capacity to foster original content designers and influencers too. Instagram, in particular, is a common starting place for content creators looking to create a following. As a result, Instagram has turned into a hub for micro-influencers – content makers with less than 100,000 fans.

The growing recognition of the influencer marketing industry has prompted brands to partner with micro-influencers, who tend to be viewed as a way to attain smaller and specific niche market viewers. We’ve compiled a summary of the very best micro-influencers on Instagram in 5 major categories: fashion, travel, food, fitness, and photography. Steven Onoja is one of the trendiest micro-influencers in the men’s fashion space.

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Born and raised in Nigeria, Steven now lives in New York City. He’s extremely passionate about art and fashion and routinely shares his effortless style along with his highly-engaged Instagram followers. San Francisco-based fashion blogger Kate Ogata wants to post her daily clothes on Instagram. She also operates a popular fashion blog The Fancy Pants Report and can be an active Pinterest user. Her interpersonal media success stems straight from her fresh style & cheeky personality.

Southern California based fashion influencer Christine Kong curates the latest clothing and make-up trends on her behalf dedicated following of 82,500. She also operates the fashion blog Daily Kongfidence, which contains a mixture of clothing, make-up, and travel content. Tonya Smith is the fashion influencer behind The Mop Top. She resides in Portland, Oregon and showcases her latest clothing and homeware picks for fans.

Smith also operates a blog of the same name, which features style and picture taking cookbooks. 30 per day. To find out his best travel tips, scenic shots, and epic videos, check out his Instagram page, tysontravel. Christine is a 22-year-old Swedish travel blogger & Instagrammer who love to explore new ethnicities. She’s currently touring the world with her partner, Alex, a fellow micro-influencer known as Swedish Nomad. She documents their journeys and experiences on her Instagram page, alienchrisblog.

Blogger and Instagram influencer Michelle Halpern is the mastermind behind the Instagram account livelikeitstheweekend. Searching for adventure and fed up with corporate life, Halpern gives up her job popular and started journeying. Today, she shares her journey with fans and materials travel motivation constantly. Caroline Szpira of Caroline In The City is a French Instagram influencer and blogger. The 25-year-old explorer is a self-proclaimed fan of hand Nutella and trees and regularly stocks her moves with fans.

Sarah from the Cutting Veg is a favorite blogger with a passion for plant-based food preparation. A long-time pescatarian, Sarah uses a wide selection of entire foods and fresh produce in her recipes. Her Instagram account, thecuttingveg, is chock filled with beautiful and nutritious meals. Micro-influencer Alex Aldeborgh, also called daisybeet on Instagram, works in nutrition and is a Masters candidate at NYU. She thinks that healthy eats should be simple and affordable for everyone, so her Instagram give food to is filled with colorful, fresh, and clean formulas that anyone can create in minutes. Her pleasing feed includes healthy recipes suitable for breakfast aesthetically, lunch, and supper that both adults and children are likely to enjoy.