Everyday Activities Could Yield Subtle Dementia Warning Signs 2

Everyday Activities Could Yield Subtle Dementia Warning Signs

A researcher at the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs INFIRMARY is studying all three by using sensors to monitor volunteers for changes in their day to day activities. While Alzheimer’s can be an incurable brain disorder, early recognition could allow people to receive support services or treatments to decrease its onset, said Adriana Seelye, a VA neuropsychologist leading the comprehensive research. Seelye’s previous research showed that changes in computer use and mouse movements could predict mild cognitive impairment, which may be a precursor to Alzheimer’s.

Another study found that individuals with MCI were more traditional and predictable motorists. She wants to evaluate which behavior changes are most predictive Now, or whether mixtures of changes offer the most accurate signs. She received money from the VA for just one study, week gained a grant from the National Institutes of Health for another and last.

She is recruiting 130 older volunteers who don’t have dementia. Volunteers in the NIH study shall be monitored for four years. Wrist-worn fitness trackers will measure sleep and movement. In-car computer data shall reveal changes as time passes in average speed, highway use and right versus left turn decisions. Other analysts have examined changes in voice and conversation, among other characteristics. Early recognition methods are needed, Seelye said.

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