I Am Still Looking For Food!

SLIMMER by THANKSGIVING continued …. Twitter Fans didn’t want to stop … so we listened! Our Walk Plans are for “all walks of life” … for all the “ways” that YOU walk … indoors with DVDs – outdoors – on treadmills – you never have to purchase an item to join us to ….. MANY THANKS followers … Twitter.

We LOVE WALKING with U … now on to NOVEMBER! Sunday NOV 3 – NO STRUCTURED EXERCISE – Do anything that restores your mind, soul and body! Sleep in, play with kids, go to faith service, cook, visit people! So many great choices to RESTORE! Tuesday NOV 5 – No organised exercise but squeeze in some activity … clean the cellar maybe?

Thursday NOV 7 – No structured exercise – don’t sit for extended hours or if you must -use a Stability Ball as your seat! Saturday NOV 9 – OK ….. Go for it – 5 MEGA MILES! Sunday NOV 10 – Nothing structured … enjoy the restoring of your nature! Sunday NOV 17 – OFF !

LOL – now you understand I will say RESTORE! Saturday NOV 23 – 5 “Really Big” Miles …. We have a DVD for this! Sunday NOV 24 – RESTORE …. … yes .. be a Power HUGGER! Works lots of muscles … really! Monday NOV 25 – I am walking in Giant Eagle (our local market-you know what’s coming this Thurs!!!) – if you would like to fitness walk … go ahead!

  • No carbs, sugar, caffeine
  • Not enough protein
  • Published on: 2015-05-19
  • Browns sign DT Tracy Sprinkle
  • 10 Jump Squats
  • Calorie Counter – EasyFit free

Tuesday NOV 26 – Nope …. I am still looking for food! Choose your miles and tweet me to i want to know if you walked or looked for food! Wednesday NOV 27 – I shall need a stress buster mile here …. Grocery shopping gets ugly by this aspect! … you fit need to be!

Thursday NOV 28 – COUNTING EVERYONE OF YOU AS A BLESSING IN MY OWN HOUSE! Wishing you as well as your family members all the pleasure, lOVE and excitement that you shower me with! Forever grateful my friends! Friday NOV 29 – What else would we do but a 5 MEGA Miler? Saturday NOV 30 – 3 Mile Walk! THANKS MY WALKERS …. Love every step with you!

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