PNWC's Government Contracting Update 2

PNWC’s Government Contracting Update

PNWC’s training staff has comprehensive experience as Defense Contract Audit Agency national and local instructors. They have offered and developed training classes covering all areas of Federal government contracting. PNWC’s training services can be specialized to meet the training needs for your business or we can offer standardized training packages for either day or multiple day workshops or conferences. Many of these standard training deals can be revised to match specific time constraints. In addition, PNWC can form additional training to suit your specific needs.

The world is starting to warm up and it is our fault. The actual fact that the world has warmed up and cooled down for hundreds of thousands and trillions of years is neither her nor there. Man’s unlimited vanity deems it needs to be down us. What a complete field day the researchers experienced.

And the mass media of course. Nothing like a ‘We’re doomed! ’ tale to sell a paper or two. Al Gore managed to transform himself in one of the very most wooden and uninteresting people on the world to a superhero. And once again it didn’t take very long for the politicians to get into a panic. David Cameron headed to trip a husky sledge north.

The Tories made a decision to adopt a tree as their new logo. Saner voices were greeted with the same kind of scathing condemnation that was once fond of the heretics who suggested that world may not be flat in the end. I have found it interesting to observe how Nigel Lawson has been condemned as being unspeakably wicked and wicked for daring to claim that the whole lot is a load of old tosh.

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If we still burnt those who disagree with the dogma of your day at the stake, then Nigel could have been turned to ash and added to those hemorrhoids in the aircraft hangers. Listed below are several types of the wicked wicked he is spouting. He is more than happy to concur that the global world is starting to warm up. Just like it has before heated up many times. What’s deemed wicked and evil is that he has the audacity to claim that this might really be quite a good thing. How on earth could he ay such a terrible thing? Easy, actually. Let’s say that Europe has a significant heat wave.

And 2000 old people perish of high temperature related stuff. The press shall be right on it. Global Warming kills 2000! Horror, horror. Fair enough. But then the following winter it is nowhere near as frosty as typical. And because it is warmer, 20,000 less old folk die of cold related stuff than would normally die. So do the maths.

18,000 less deaths because of Global Warming. Now what’s so bad about that? If the temperature goes up by 3 degrees over the next hundred years, then it’ll be basically impossible to grow any sort crop in places like Chad and Niger and Somalia. Fair enough. The thing is that these places haven’t been capable of growing much.

That is why people have a tendency to starve to loss of life in those areas. Similarly if rising sea levels imply that regions of Bangladesh become uninhabitable, the best answer is to permit the victims to up sticks and move to regions of the warmer world where there is space enough for everyone. But such a thing would be inconceivable. We robbed them blind and when we got out of Dodge as quick as we’re able to, we drew ridiculous lines on the map and created the disaster that is now called Bangladesh.