Trump Blames Shootings On Mental Illness, Pledges More Action 2

Trump Blames Shootings On Mental Illness, Pledges More Action

Donald Trump said Sunday ‘more has to be done’ to avoid mass shootings. Trump told a small group of reporters that ‘a lot of things are in the works’ before boarding Air Force One in Morristown, New Jersey. We’ve done much more than most administrations,’ Trump contended. Trump said he has been speaking with Attorney General William Barr Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray, as well as lawmakers and local market leaders, and would be making a lengthier statement on Monday morning.

He indicated his administration is considering additional action, targeted at dealing with the problem of mental disease potentially. We must obtain it stopped. This has been taking place for a long time,’ Trump said alongside first woman Melania Trump. Donald Trump said Sunday ‘more needs to be done’ to prevent mass shootings. The elected president replied a single question from reporters on the tarmac in New Jersey, where he spends his summertime weekends, related to his entrance that more more must be achieved to prevent weapon violence.

He did not put together specific action he programs to consider. He brought up mental illness, saying the shooters, both white men in their early 20s, were deranged. But this is a mental illness problem also. If you look at both these full cases, this is mental illness. These are people that are extremely really, very seriously mentally ill,’ he stated.

Trump’s acting main of staff, Mick Mulvaney, on Sunday morning hours called them ‘ill’ killers, as he pushed back on statements that Trump influenced a racist manifesto that made an appearance online after the alleged El Paso shooter’s bloody rampage. I blame the folks who pulled the cause,’ Mulvaney declared on ‘Meet the Press’ hours after another gunman opened fireplace in Ohio.

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Goodness gracious, is someone blaming the Leader? Democrats vying for Trump’s job were flocking to Sunday morning news programs – and social media – at the time of Mulvaney’s comments to decry white nationalism. These were also linking the problem to Trump, who one 2020 Dem said ‘encourages the type of violence that we’re viewing’ along with his border policies and carry out.

Jerrold Nadler, the homely house Judiciary Committee chairman, also said Trump’s ‘racist rhetoric’ inspires lethal attacks. I am anguished over reports that the shooting believe in El Paso submitted a manifesto that included rants in regards to a “Hispanic invasion” before the attack,weekend ‘ Nadler said in a declaration. Nadler conceded that the shooters bore sole responsibility for their actions but said Trump was not blameless. God bless the cultural folks of El Paso Tx.