Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog: 11/15/09 2

Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog: 11/15/09

This is a fresh blog I’ve started in order to go over the new way the business of music is being done. Music 2.0 – the third era of the music business that signaled the start of digital music, piracy ran rampant due to P2P systems but the industry took little notice as CD sales were still strong from radio advertising. Music 2.5 – the fourth generation of the music business where digital music became monetized because of iTunes and later, others like Amazon MP3.

CD sales dive, the music industry contracts, and retail stores close. Music 3.0 – the current era of the music business, where in fact the artist can now communicate, interact, market, and sell to the lover straight. Record labels, radio, and television become mostly irrelevant and single songs are purchased rather than albums. The music business is undergoing a huge shift at such an easy pace that it is difficult to keep up with, and that’s the actual Music 3.0 book and this blog shall be about. Alerting you to what those changes are and how we can take benefit of them.

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Once he previously completed this deed the king would release him from his labors. So Hercules required the beast back to its place at the gates of the underworld. All twelve tasks were completed Once, Hercules was freed from his sinful given and past the present of immortality. His father, the god Zeus, would take Hercules’ life bringing him into the heavens.

Hera put down her revengeful ways and forgave the now immortal muscle man. As a sign of her forgiveness, she gave Hercules her daughter as his bride to live with for eternity, therefore he did. What You Think DOES INDEED Matter! Which of these four think was the scariest task assigned to Hercules?

Education for Kids Throughout the World Cockney Rhyming Slang! EXACTLY WHAT DOES EVERYTHING Mean? Submit a Comment You Must Sign In To CommentTo comment on this informative article, you must register or sign up and post using a HubPages Network accounts. I am so happy your children will be reading the story!

That is strictly why I wrote it! My wish is that kids will find out more about the challenging background of Greek Mythology willingly. Thank you very much for votes! Many thanks so much for the message and for stopping by for a read. I am very glad to be back again! I so appreciate that you enjoyed a bit of Hercules history from a young kid’s viewpoint.

Had an enjoyable experience creating it! Your responses are very heartwarming my pal! I’m going to be printing this up for my grandsons! Many thanks so much. You’re hub is likely to be very popular with some young males in WNY! Gram liked it too! K9-you have written an intensive explanation of Hercules, that is easy for any young child or adult, to check out as only you can do!

Welcome back-you’ve been missed! I enjoyed scanning this hub in its entirety, point by point. Your personal illustrations were wonderful! I needed no idea that you are so multi talented. I can imagine this hub as a children’s book complete with illustrations by you. It may be an old story, but I loved it. Thanks for visiting! So happy the mythology is available by you for kid’s series a deserving read!