Modes Of Transportation

There are various means to carry products from one place to another. Land transportation, water transport, air transport and pipeline transportation are the major means of transport. All of them has its features, merits and demerits. Land transport is the oldest and more practiced system. The means, which are accustomed to carry people and goods through land transport are called land transport.

Land transportation is again divided in two classes as street transportation and railway transportation. Road transportation has been used from historic time and it is very important and useful. People, cloths, paper materials, books, machines and machinery, animals, fresh fruits and other goods are transported from one place to another.

Labors or porters are used to bring goods to remote places where modern method of transport have never reached. Occasionally horse, mule, sheep, goat, camels etc. are accustomed to travel goods. Rickshaw, cycle, cart, lorry etc are found in carrying goods and folks also. But the means of transport like bus, truck, tractor, motor, etc. have grown to be very popular means of carrying people and goods.

Nowadays, motor, truck, bus, jeep etc. have become synonyms of road transport. The other important means of land transportation is railway. It is used to transport goods and folks from one spot to another. Development of railway transportation helps much to develop industry, business and whole economy of any country. It’s very useful in transporting big and heavy goods and materials. Water transport is taken as a historical means of transport, It was developed and used to transport goods and folks from one country to some other before the development of air transport.

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It is also managed to move goods from one part to another of any country through big canals, rivers or sea. Air transport is the fastest modern means of transport. Air transport was started after First World War, after 1918 especially. In the beginning until 1960, only passengers, mails, perishable goods and costly light goods were transported by air transport. But nowadays, air transport system has also become suitable for other commercial and commercial products. According to the comprehensive research carried out by Air Canada on air fair market, air transport system has been proved cost effective and practical means for transporting industrial and business goods. The importance of air transport has growing.

This is the quickest speed opportinity for transporting passengers and goods to different parts within a country and different countries of the world. Mostly, bouquets of different types, perishable edibles, specialized goods, emergency parts and parcels, equipment, mails and other valuable goods are transported by air transportation system. Pipeline is another important method of transport.

Raw essential oil, Petroleum products, prepared coal, normal water, natural gas etc. are transported from one spot to another accepted place. Pipeline transport may be constructed underground or underwater. This means of transport is very helpful for quick transportation of liquid materials even through high hills or plane land. That is regular and reliable method of transport.

It needs less manpower. It generally does not need packaging cost and service and it can be managed 24 hours. It becomes long lasting in the condition of proper repair. But building of pipeline system take huge investment and it can carry only liquid materials. Rope-way is the another means of transport. It can travel goods and folks. It could be operated in the places where road construction is impractical and costly. Certain limit of people or goods can be transported with the help of electricity. In the hilly remote countries, rope-way transportation system might be suitable means.

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