Why Doesn’t Your Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery? 2

Why Doesn’t Your Insurance Cover Weight Loss Surgery?

Do you ever wonder why many people have the ability to have surgical procedure that your insurance doesn’t cover? How about the known fact that within a specific insurance company, different plans allow for different coverage? Obviously, it is based on the insurance carrier sometimes, but many times the decision is made by the business that is providing medical plan, or in simpler terms…the employer, who declines the “rider” which gives for extra coverage. Insurance firms and employers acted as if obese people made a conscious decision to be obese and thus should not be allowed to undergo a medically necessary process (which is the only proven method of sustained weight loss). Companies should think long and hard about these decisions.

Are they worried about the long-term health insurance and well-being of their employees? Have they considered the near future benefits they will see as their employees’ health, state of mind, and productivity improve? It wasn’t that way back when that many insurance firms did not cover costs related to mental health insurance and psychiatric care.

While it holds true that the issues with weight problems are manifold, the effective treatments are you are prevention clear…amount, prevention, prevention. Insurance firms don’t refuse chemotherapy for a lung cancers patient with a brief history of smoking. Are employers allowed to ask the HIV status of their potential employees? Should anyone who has a past background of despair be denied insurance coverage because they searched for help?

We must demand more and settle for nothing less than the care we would want and expect for ourselves and us. Obesity is a real medical problem and finally appears to be recognized as the epidemic it is. What can you do? Read your wellbeing treatment plan to determine your benefits and speak to your company about your concerns.

Sometimes employers don’t have any proven fact that bariatric surgery is not just a covered benefit until a worker brings it with their attention. Also, write to your congressional consultant. The denial of treatment for mental medical issues, HIV, and malignancy is obviously discrimination…why should denial for the treating weight problems be any different?

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