I’m going to utilize this blog to create this up, since my old you are defunct kinda, and Facebook seems such as a dumb place to post it. My makeup blog people You were got by me. I’ll be back on here soon, posting and everything that. I’ve just been focusing on some stuff, reorganizing, blah blah blah. It started out as something I did for fun, and finally people made the decision they wanted to look at it, and it snowballed and converted into what it is now then.

It was something I did because I liked it, and it was something I continue to do because I continue to like it. I’ve made 4000 comics on my site. There are always a lot of mainstream comics that are way better and more popular and more profitable that stopped way before 12 years and 4000 comics. I don’t feel bad about stopping now. I feel like I’m done.

I started because I liked it, and I am halting because I don’t like it as much. I’m 12 years more than I was after I started, and my entire life is unrecognizable from what it was like after I started. I’ve a great deal of other activities I work now on, and it got to a point where it felt regressive to have to avoid what I am doing to make comics from the perspective of a 22-year-old.

  1. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  2. ”Crease” – Plum/Coppery color with shimmer
  3. For beautiful hair, let a child run his / her fingertips through it once a day
  4. Never let your emotions overpower your cleverness. – Drake
  5. Organic Harvest
  7. Medium-to-full coverage
  8. Lemon juice – 1 teaspoon

I stopped back at the beginning of December. ONCE I was just a little kid, I visited some Easter egg hunt. When everyone there got, the organizers explained that there have been all types of eggs with chocolate in them, but there is one giant egg with a twenty buck expenses in it.

20. I just there remaining it, because I didn’t want the interest of being a child who found the egg. I would rather not have the egg than have everyone looking at me. A lot of individuals saw me find it and leave it and hassled me about it, but I just didn’t want the attention.

I am sure I could have made announcements beforehand about the site stopping, or even said something about it when it just happened back two months, but I just didn’t want to make a large deal from it. I didn’t start making my comics expecting a ton of attention, and I didn’t want it to be a huge thing while I stopped. I appreciate everyone who has viewed my site over the entire years, or distributed comics using their friends, or commissioned art or bought t-shirts.