10 Essential HTML5 Animation Tools For Designers

HTML5 has been one of the most popular programming language among web developers. The robust programming language has great capabilities of producing better world wide web content. The rise of HTML5 has grown rapidly in last three years. The new technologies introduced in HTML5 are far better. HTML5 technology is supported by modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and many more. Today we have listed ten HTML5 animation tools that can help you with your work.

1. TinyAnim

TinyAnim is a brand new app developed by designers for designers. Much like the apps that you’ll see down below, it allows you to easily build HTML5 banners, but with tiny file sizes and designers in mind. It suits both coders and designers. The point is that the app’s interface is not only beautiful, but native to designers. You can try the software for free and see everything with your own eyes.

2. Animatron


Animatron is an intuitive design and publishing editor software. You can use Animatron to design content like banners, infographic, creative animations for desktop computer, mobile device and anything of your choice.

3. Tumult Hype

You can use Tumult Hype to create beautiful HTML5 web content. The content created using Tumult is interactive and has great animation capabilities. You can use this framework from desktop, smartphone and ipads. It doesn’t require to have coding knowledge.

4. Mugeda

Mugeda is preferred by many authoring toolkit, advertisers and agencies to unleash their creativity and to create best quality media ad units. The tool is best known for its abilities to create great quality ad units, banners, interstitials, expandable and mini games.

5. HTML5 Maker

HTML5 Maker is popular tool used for building sliders, banners and impressive graphics with minimum efforts. The tool is available for free. It doesn’t require you to have any special programming knowledge.

6. Hippo Studios

Hippo Studios is a great platform for creating powerful animation, games, presentations, apps and multimedia websites. The projects created using Hippo are support by most browsers and devices.

7. Sencha

Sencha Space is a secure application environment for HTML and JavaScript based applications. The tool helps in organization to simplify application development, security, maintenance and deployment to desktop, tablets and smartphones. The tool is best known for its security features.

8. blysk

blysk is very useful animation tool. It provides a great platform for animation and web designers for building intuitive animation for websites and other internet projects.

9. Radiapp

Radi is a powerful tool for animation. It is most commonly used for creating of runtime video and graphics. It provides realtime graphics editing interface for modern websites.

10. Createjs

Createjs is a JavaScript library for working with HTML5 Canvas Element. The tool is best known for creating games, generative art and other graphical tools. It provides great graphical experience.