10 Best Open Source Mobile Development Tools

Working on smartphones for business has become very common these days. Every organization have their workers working on smartphones or tablets. Open source community plays key role in growth of mobile usage for work. Here are some apps to boost your enthusiasm and creativity while working.

1. Convertigo

This is software used to develop various apps at a very cheaper rate. Along with developing, one can also deploy apps. Convertigo can be used to manage and deploy apps from all various platforms, starting from Blackberry OS, Windows Phone to Android and iOS.

2. ForgeRock

This is a free app, supported only on Linux. It consists of several management and identity tools. The apps along with this are supportable on mobile device, apps and even APIs.

3. OpenMobster

It is a platform used for syncing, by providing a private cloud and a mobile enterprise application private. Thus is an open ended beckoned service. The features provided are RPC (mobile remote procedure caller), push notifications and management console. It ensures reliability and is available on OS X, Linux and Windows.

4. WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager

Available on Windows, Linux and Solaris, this tool provides mobility solution to comprehensive enterprise. The offerings with this are mobile management, enterprise app store, MDM and mobile data security features. It is a paid platform with good training and support.

5. APG

This is a tool, offering encryption, decryption, signing and key management capabilities for apps in Android. Android Privacy Guard is an OpenGPG encryption standard for Android.


The Android Security Evaluation Framework is used to detect malware in your Android apps. No matter how malicious a malware is, it cannot escape ASEF. Thus it is mainly a test suite for locating adware, malware and hogs!

7. The Guardian Project

For various security and privacy related tools, this app is the best. The tool includes apps like Pixelnot hidden message, Ostel encrypted phone call, ChatSecure messaging and ObscuraCam. The web browser used is also private, named Orweb.

8. LBE Privacy Guard

A rooted Android phone is needed to use this app. It guards each and every app very powerfully. You can also limit the data accessed by any app and block unwanted traffic and malware.

9. Orbot

This is to make your browsing impossible, so that no one can trace you. The users can browse privately using this app. The Tor network used on Android devices ensures anonymous private browsing. In order to cover your online footpath, this app sends encrypted messages through several servers!

10. Apache Cordova

To extend your levels of creating apps, this tool is unbeaten. With more than 600 plug-ins, it offers you with the set of APIs that use web developmental technologies. Platform supports coding via HTML, CSS and JavaScript.